Red Rose Heating Spares’ Grand Opening

Red Rose Heating Spares

Welcome people! We are Red rose Heating Spares; a heating equipment supplier located in the heart of Lancashire, Preston. If you’ve heard about us before that’s because we are moving our business to the next step and we hope you are at least a pinch as excited as us, we’re going online baby!

Please see below for the list of products you will expect to see stocked in our warehouse.

  • Domestic Gas Boiler Spares
  • Domestic Oil Boiler Spares
  • Domestic Fire Spares
  • Cooker Spares
  • System Controls
  • Plumbing and Fittings
  • Testing Equipment
  • Consumables
  • Other Household Essentials

Yes we are proud to announce that we are opening our online shop and taking that next step to evolve into a bigger, brighter, and more efficient supplier, please subscribe to keep in the loop and we hope to see a couple of new faces soon.